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Potato Print Snowman


I have a LOVE for all things snowman!  We have several snowman inspired ideas on FSPDT.  A few of my favorites: Playdough Snowmen, Snowman Cookies, and Footprint Snowman. Today I am sharing one more way we put those sprouting potatoes to use.  We already shared our Polar Bear Potato  Prints with you all.  Now we are sharing our Potato Print Snowman with you today.  Easy to set up and fun for the kids.  Both my 3yr and 6yr enjoyed this activity. We hope you can have fun with this too.   

                     potato stamp snowman

 Potato Print Snowman

potato stamp print snowman

What we used/supplies:   

blue paper   

white paint   


googly eyes and tiny pom poms (thanks to for the free craft supply goodie bags in the past)  

orange paper    

print art for kids

What to do/how to make:   

Take a paper plate and add white paint to it.  Cut a potato in half for the kids to use.  I placed the potatoes on the plate with the paint.  I took a piece of blue paper and placed it in a plastic tray (we got ours at IKEA).  I also placed googly eyes, three tiny pom poms, and an orange piece of paper cut out to look like a nose.  Now let the kids use their creativity to create a snowman.  Ideally the kids will make 3 prints with the potato one on top of another.  However, crafting with kids is not always picture perfect and that is ok.  Giving them a chance to express themselves and have their own vision is ok with me.  I just love how each one of their snowmen turned out.  The wet paint held the eyes and nose on as well.  The pom poms did need some glue after falling off later.

Snowmen by big brother 6yr and little brother 3yr.   

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Happy Playtime from Jaime of FSPDT

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