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Counting with Apple Cereal

We bought a large bag of cereal at the store.  It was not getting eaten fast enough so I put it to use for learning.  I set my oldest up with a fun "Counting with Apple Cereal"  activity one evening.  I like finding ways to reuse things, even food. This was a great way to let him practice counting and use up a little cereal too.

Counting with Apple Cereal

Apple Counting with Cereal

What I used:


red construction paper


small bowl

index card


Apple Counting with Cereal

What we did:

I drew an apple on the red paper and cut it out.  I then added the cereal to a small bowl. Next I took the index card and wrote out addition problems for him to solve.

Apple Counting with Cereal

He had a blast counting out the cereal to solve the math problems.  He then just counted the cereal until he had had enough.  Then on to the next thing.  This math activity was easy to set up and fun for him. He asked me to save it so he can do it again.

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