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Pop Rock Ice Cream

I wish my sister had a blog because she always has the best ideas. If she blogged it would make it easy to share her awesomeness with the word, lol.  Today I am going to share one of the fun ideas she shared with us.   One afternoon during summer break we got together to tie dye shirts and eat ice cream!  She brought the ice cream and I had the tie dye!  One fun get together crafting and eating.  This Pop Rock Ice Cream was a big hit at my house.

Pop Rock Ice Cream

Pop Rock Ice Cream

What you need:

superman ice cream

pop rocks candy- any flavor 

(colored) cones

Pop Rock Ice Cream

Simply scoop the ice cream in a cone and then add the pop rocks. Easy and oh so good.  The kids went nuts for the fun popping sounds of the candy.  And the superman ice cream is now a favorite flavor at my house.  We hope you can have some popping fun too.

Happy Playtime from Jaime of FSPDT

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