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Playdough Tree Monsters

My kids LOVE playdough.  For some reason playing with it outside is even more fun to them than playing with it inside at the table.  They are often satisfied with simple loose parts and playdough on their picnic table. However, I decided to mix it up for them today. Playdough Tree Monsters would be a lot of fun and a great way to explore something new.

Playdough Tree Monsters

Playdough Tree Monsters

We make homemade playdough a lot.  Trying new scents and colors.  We have a vast supply of playdough on hand at all times.  At times to help reduce the amount of playdough we have, I let the kids play as they want with it.  If it makes it back in great, but if it ends up in the trash that's ok too. We have more.  We even pick up a 4 pack at the dollar tree sometimes to just go wild with.

Playdough Tree Monsters

Playdough is a great sensory material.  It is also great for fine motor skills.  Today's play activity is perfect for imagination play and letting the kids find their own creative outlet.

Playdough Tree Monsters

The kids just loved this idea and I see it becoming a go to activity for us in the future.

Playdough Tree Monsters

What we used:


googly eyes


cut up straws, pipe cleaners, and yarn

plastic teeth from halloween

What we did:

Mash playdough against the tree.  Then take all the loose parts and create your own unique tree monster.  

Happy Playtime from Jaime of FSPDT

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